Does your company temporarily send employees to work on construction sites in France?

Does your company send workers to France to carry out services in the construction industry?

If so, these activities fall under temporary posting of workers regulations.

The posting of workers allows you to send your employees to France for temporary missions, while still paying social contributions in your country of establishment

Respecting the rules relating to temporary posting of workers is extremely important as inspections carried out by the French Administrations have significantly increased in recent years.

Many overseas companies have been heavily penalised for not complying with existing legislation.

Fixed fines for non-compliance with French regulations are 4.000 Euros per posted worker.

What should you do BEFORE temporarily posting workers to a French construction site?

  1. Request an A1 form from the social security organisation of your country of establishment. This document will allow you to show that your company is up to date on social contributions in your country, and can therefore exonerate you from paying social contributions in France,
  2. Fill out a prior declaration of temporary worker posting. This declaration is called SIPSI and must be transferred to the French Administration before your employees arrive in France,
  3. Designate a representative established in France. It is mandatory that your representative be established in France and act as a contact person with the French Administration. It is your representative who will respond to questions from the French Authorities and will present them documents relating to your temporary posting of workers in the case of an inspection,
  4. Make a BTP card These cards are mandatory for services carried out on a construction site. The BTP cards are non-transferable and must be requested for each worker and for each new construction site (V. BTP Card page),
  5. Transfer documents relating to your temporary posted workers to your representative. These documents are primarily copies of the work contracts of your temporarily posted workers, their payslips, and the A1 forms,
  6. Depending on the nature of your operations, you may need to request a French VAT number (for more information, click here).

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