VAT assistance

When you post workers to France, you are supposed to invoice your French clients for the work executed in France. Maybe you’re wondering if you should invoice French VAT for the executed work to your clients?

The rules on VAT are complex and the rules of invoicing differ, depending on the nature of the invoiced services and/or goods in France, the place of establishment of your company but also whether the client is subject or not to French VAT.

The problems due to poor knowledge of VAT rules in different countries may expose you and your French clients to fiscal risks. There are a number of transactions that imply the obligation of being registered for VAT in France and by consequence invoice French VAT to your clients.

RM Boulanger can accompany your company on VAT related challenges and propose solutions to these potential problems by:

  • Analysing and auditing your operations and obligations in terms of VAT
  • Register your company for VAT in France (or in other countries that may be concerned)
  • Verification and rectification of your invoices as well as other documents in order to be compliant
  • Preparation and filing of VAT in France (or other countries that are concerned)
  • Preparation and filing of Intrastat reports to the French customs (or other countries that are concerned)
  • Communication with the French tax authorities (or tax authorities of various other countries concerned)

If your company is seeking support on questions or challenges concerning intracommunity rules of VAT, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be more than happy to inform you free of charge.

You can also find more information about intracommunity VAT on our website


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