You are an overseas temporary employment company

You are an overseas temporary employment company and you send temp workers to France for French customers?

The applicable temporary posted worker regulations apply to you.

To avoid paying social contributions in France, your company must carry out the following formalities before the arrival of your temp workers in France:

  • Transmitting a prior declaration of worker posting (SIPSI) to the French authorities, indicating the details of the French company to which the workers have been posted,
  • Naming a representative in France who will be responsible for keeping mandatory documents (work contracts, A1 forms, medical certificates…) and presenting them to French work inspectors in case of any questions they may have or an inspection,
  • If necessary, obtaining BTP cards for interim workers posted to construction sites (V. page BTP Cards),
  • Giving your employees a wage equal to the applicable wage in France for a similar activity.

You should also transfer the following to documents to the company using the interim workers:

  • A copy of the prior declaration of worker posting (SIPSI),
  • A copy of the signed representation agreement with a representative established in France,
  • A copy of the A1 forms.

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